Royal Oak Club

The Royal Oak Club was established in 2003.  It is a Social Club for current residents of Glapthorn only.  To participate it is necessary to become a member of the club.  Members may also bring guests.

The Club runs social evenings each Friday for which there will usually be no entrance fee.  Our aim is to provide a place to:

  • meet up and socialise with the villagers
  • catch up with local news and gossip
  • unwind at the end of a hard week
  • let children  meet up and play
  • enjoy the community spirit
  • raise money for village charities
  • enjoy a drinks at low prices
  • have a bite to eat
  • play bar games

In addition there are occasional special events for you to enjoy. These are usually at weekends – look out for our new programme here.

A copy of the Club Rules, a list of committee mebers and a Membership Application Form are available for your consideration from Glapthorn Village Hall on Friday evenings. If you live in Glapthorn and wish to join, please return a Membership Application Form duly completed, together with the £5 fee, to any Committee Member.