PUBLIC MEETING – Glapthorn Recreational Area

Following the unsuccessful efforts of Glapthorn School Governors to purchase land behind the school for use as a playing field, Glapthorn Parish Councillors voted to take up the project.

The Glapthorn Neighbourhood Plan (now in its final stages), under Policy 12, supports the development of a recreational area for the use of both the community and the school. This policy had very strong community support.

Agreement with the landowner, on the price for the land behind the school, has been reached and access to the site through part of the school’s land has been agreed with the Peterborough Diocesan Education Board. The school governors are also very supportive.

A draft plan has been drawn up which proposes a facility to provide:-

1. a playing field/recreational area for various sports and activities (for use by the school, the community and clubs).
2. a children’s play area (ages 4 to 8)
3. a car park for 41 cars including a dropping off/picking-up area for use by parents at the start and end of the school day.
4. changing rooms/club house to encourage community and sports club use outside school hours.

The funding for the project will be sought from local authorities, the Lottery Fund and charity funders. Without such funding the project cannot proceed.
However, in order to be successful in approaching funding sources the Parish Council must demonstrate that the project has significant community support.

Therefore, please show your support by attending the Public Meeting in the Village Hall on Thursday 8th March at 7.45pm* where further details on the project will be presented.*the meeting will begin at 7.00pm with a presentation from the Pathfinder II team on flooding issues in Glapthorn.   

The Council intends to set up a Playing Field Association, made up of councillors and members of the community, to manage and run the project, and you are invited to express your interest in joining such a group.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but wish to express your support please click on the ‘Leave a comment’ below and make your views known. Alternatively, please write to the Parish Council c/o Crown House, Glapthorn PE8 5BJ or  30 Lytham Park, Oundle PE8 4FB or by email to

Please tell us if you are a village resident or a parent of a child at Glapthorn School – thank you.

Alan Tresadern (Clerk to the Parish Council)

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21 Responses to PUBLIC MEETING – Glapthorn Recreational Area

  1. Zoe Lewis says:

    I am very much in support of the proposed plans for the field behind the school, to include the parking which I feel is a major issue,especially with the narrow village roads and residents trying to get to and from their own homes this would be such a benefit being able to have a specific site to park and not to mention the safety aspect for the children! I give my support 100%
    Parent of two children, one already in attendance and one to hopefully attend in September 2018

  2. Julian Burrows says:

    As a parent of 3 children currently at Glapthorn School and as someone who lived in Glapthorn for 2 1/2 years, I can see this would be fantastic for the school and for the village. I really hope the application is successful!

  3. Fiona Leech says:

    I fully support the proposal the plan for Glapthorn School to have access to the 2.5 acres of land behind school for recreational use and badly needed car parking. As a mother of an active boy I feel the school needs additional outside space for enhanced PE lessons and commitment to sport. In this area the school currently lacks the space to play a number of sports – eg., Cricket.

  4. Helen and Chris Samuel says:

    As parents of two children at Glapthorn School we fully support the proposal for a playing field and car parking behind the school. We are very short of grassed areas for sports day, cricket etc.
    A solution to the extreme parking shortage (for drop offs and pick ups) is well overdue. The current situation is highly dangerous with cars parking on the grass being forced to cross the road to get to school- accidents waiting to happen.

  5. Matt Croxford says:

    I am a parent of 1 child at Glapthorn.
    The school has badly needed the playing areas expanded and the very dangerous parking in the front of the school sorted for a long time.
    How there hasn’t been a major accident by now out front, I think must just be down to luck.
    The playing fields/grounds are much too small for the amount of children that are at the school.
    I welcome this plan wholeheartedly.

  6. Elli Igglesden says:

    I am both a parent of a child at Glapthorn School and a resident in Glapthorn (for the last 8 years). Provision of a playing field and parking would be fantastic for the school and the community. The only thing Glapthorn School really lacks is the space to let the kids run around and do more sports. It would resolve a significant safety issue and also provide a great resource for the community.

  7. Gillian Bland says:

    I fully support the proposal for Glapthorn Primary School to have access to the recreation field at the back of the building. Not only would this mean parking would be less dangerous (I often struggle getting my toddler and 5 year old in and out the car at drop off and pick up with the traffic passing so close and also with the steep slippery embankment which I slipped and fell on last year whilst holding my baby and injuring my back (injury still present) but to enable the children to have access to a space for fitness and fun activities would also have a huge benefit to their overall wellbeing and health. I am happy to support any fundraising activities to enable this project to be successful.

  8. Louise Pike says:

    As a parent of two children, one of which currently attends Glapthorn School, I fully support this proposal for numerous reasons. Firstly, from a safety point of view, the drop off/ pick up situation is incredibly hazardous and dangerous. In my profession, I have spent many years working in schools and I have never seen such dangerous conditions as this and feel it is absolutely vital that this is addressed. Secondly, outdoor provision is absolutely essential for children’s wellbeing and health. It is so important to encourage children to be active and participate in a variety of sports, including team sports, and the current limited space does not fully allow for this. Finally, if the facilities can be offered for use by the local community, this further develops the ever important links between the school and the community.

  9. Matt Blakeley says:

    As a parent of a child just starting her educational life at Glapthorn School, the plans for an increased playing area are very welcome. The chance to use these for both educational and public use will be great for Glapthorn and surrounding villages. Active spaces are vital for a rounded education and as part of a child’s physical development. This is very welcome.

  10. Stephanie Wilson says:

    I am whole heartedly behind the proposed plans for the land behind the school.Two of my children currently attend the school and my third will be starting Reception in September. Since my eldest son started Glapthorn School in 2013, the school has grown from a Lower School, where children moved up to Middle School at 9 years old, into a Primary School which now caters for children up to the age of 11. The current outdoor space around the school just does not support outdoor sports such as cricket, football, rugby, hockey, athletics, rounders etc. Sports Day has been switched to nearby Southwich Cricket Club for the last few years to allow the children space to race! Providing parking for parents during drop off and pick up times would be a God send. How a serious accident has been avoided is down more to luck. Finally, the area being available for residents and clubs along with a play area for younger children can only enhance Glapthorn Village!

  11. Kate Clarke says:

    I fully support the proposed plans, a playing field/ playground would be a huge asset to both the school and village and extra car parking space is currently sorely needed. I have one child at the school and a young baby – negotiating car seats on the road feels dangerous and at pick up times it is often impossible to turn round safely.

  12. Katie Townsend says:

    I would like to add my support to the proposed plans for both playing field/playground space and car park. I’m a parent to 2 children currently attending Glapthorn School and a 1 year old baby. I find parking on the road outside the school very stressful thanks to the traffic that comes speeding past while I try to get my children safely in and out of the car, as well as the steep and often slippery grass verges which I have fallen down carrying my baby, as I know others have too. Turning around is also an issue with the entrance to the track often full of cars- one is sometimes forced to use people’s driveways to turn which I’m sure residents do not appreciate.
    In addition to this, the green space these plans would afford the school and the community would be invaluable. Whilst the new MUGA is great, it’s simply not enough for the number of pupils attending the school and the new space would give them so many more opportunities for healthy and active pursuits, which I feel they deserve.

  13. Glapthorn Residents says:

    As Glpathorn residents we cannot fully support the plans for the recreational area without more information regarding funding and the finance involved with the upkeep of the land.
    It appears from the limited information we have received that the school will be the main beneficiaries of the land, yet have to date made no (public) attempt to crowd fund or raise money for the project, yet they will have the main use of the area. How much finance are the school putting forward for the project and how will they make sure they can maintain it?
    We would be interested to know what use we as a community will have considering our children do not attend Glapthorn school and have different holidays – therefore, if residents are only allowed to use it out of school use our children will not really benefit from the area a great deal. Or will the council take into account our holiday dates be allow our children to have equal access the space?
    Whilst we understand that some children in the village attend the school, over 50% of the children in Glapthorn do not and we feel this needs to be taken into account. Will for example, village use of the area be everyday after 3:00 or will the school propose to also use it after school hours? Will residents be able to use it every weekend?
    In terms of clubs and sports opportunities, will these be led by the village for all children, or will it be only those who attend the school?
    Will dogs be allowed in the area? And is the track the most appropriate place to place a car park? There is a large amount of us residents who enjoy the space for dog walking and therefore we would be extremely disappointed if this use would be taken away.
    Whist in principle we would welcome a green space for both the school and the community we would want to make sure the costs are fairly split in accordance to use and that if the finance is coming from the parish that this space is for the full community not just the school. If the space is for the school with only occasional parish use we would argue the school should raise the funds for the area.

  14. Kimberly Collins says:

    I have 2 children at Glapthorn School and am continually impressed with the quality of teaching and pleased with the family-friendly ethos that is so unique to this school. In my five years at the school, however, there has been one thread of negativity that consistently centres around the dangers of the current parking area and the lack of play space. This land purchase is a tremendous opportunity to resolve both those issues in one go. As for the parking, my kids and myself are under the constant threat of commuter cars driving at unsafe speeds through the school zone during drop off. As many of us parents are also toting babies and toddlers with us on the school run, we feel the added stress of getting everyone out of the car safely and the kids securely into the school. I have been a victim and have been a witness to far too many toddlers running out of their parent’s control during the chaos of the morning/evening school run and directing into the road. Fortunately, parents are aware of the dangers and are helping to keep an eye out for the littlest members of our school community. We have been lucky so far, but we all know that if nothing is done, there will come a time when we will not be so lucky. I cannot stress enough that the constant advocating for a car park by the parents it is NOT a matter of convenience, it is a matter of safety.

    In regards to the additional play area for the children, there is no shortage of evidence that exists to support the need of children to exercise and play during their breaks in school to improve their academic performances. As the school has expanded to accommodate Year 5 and 6 students, the play space needs to expand in tandem to accommodate their physical needs.

    Gannon Collins (age 9 Year 5)
    “We are bumping into each other because we don’t have enough space to play. I have been hit in the head from footballs since we want to play different sports but are all in the same playground. If the school wants more sports and fun activities it would need a bigger space for the children.”

    Finley Collins (age 7 Year 3)
    “I would like more space to play with my friends and more room to park. Lots of people come to Glapthorn School and there is not enough room for them to park. I don’t like getting out of the car when there are lots of cars around me going fast. We all really want a climbing frame to replace the boat but there isn’t enough room in the playground. There are more kids at the school now and not that much room for us to play.”

  15. Stuart & Anna Entwistle says:

    We are completely behind the project for the creation of this much needed facility for both School and village, not only will it provide the outdoor space the school desperately needs but it should address the parking and associated traffic issues which are a concern for everyone, it’s also fantastic that as a community project the village will have the full benefit of the facilities that will be created here.
    We are parents of 1 child already at Glapthorn School and another who will hopefully follow in the future.

  16. Rob Igglesden says:

    As a resident of Glapthorn and a parent of two, I fully support the proposed plans. Vehicle logistics at the site are awkward and overcrowded, with safety being a concern. Some green space for school activities would be very welcome and a logical improvement given the amount of open space around the site.

  17. Sabine Croxford says:

    I fully support the proposed plans for all the reasons already mentioned. The school now supports children up to age 11 and currently there is not enough outside space to accommodate various sport activities. In addition, the additional two years at school has increased the number of families dropping and picking up children making the parking and traffic situation even more dangerous than it already was. I have currently got one child at Glapthorn school but have been dropping and picking up my children for the past 9 years and the parking situation is extremely dangerous for parents, children and through traffic and all would welcome a solution. The school, the village and surrounding villages could all benefit from additional sports clubs and play area.

  18. Paul Saunders says:

    I fully support the proposed plans, at present it is dangerous to collect children from school.

  19. Julie Hyne says:

    As a parent of a child at Glapthorn School, I give this proposal my full support. Safety has to be paramount and at the moment the parking situation is dangerous. These proposals will address this as well as the added benefit of providing sports and recreational usage for the pupils and the wider community.

  20. (The Reverend) Michael Whawell says:

    As a resident who witnesses the twice daily parking problems outside and near the School in term-times, I wholeheartedly support the idea of a car park. Also a school/community playing field would be a splendid addition.

  21. Sue and Phil Bradley says:

    We are both Glapthorn residents and parents of two children at Glapthorn school. We are wholly supportive of the proposed scheme. The safety issues around parking (and for my girls just crossing the road safely) are a huge concern – and must be stressful for residents on Benefield Road too. The school is in dire need of more outdoor space and we are really pleased that the Parish Council has stepped in to help when the school was unsuccessful after years of trying to acquire this land. We took part in an inter-village rounders match last summer, unfortunately we were in an amalgamated team as Glapthorn had nowhere to practice and get a proper village team together. It would have been great to have a space to practice in. I am also a member of Glapthorn’s WI, who some of the more experienced members have told me used to have their own rounders team when the village had a field to use. A children’s playground will also be a great addition to the village, both for families with young children and those with young grandchildren etc. Anything that lets residents enjoy our village without the need to get in the car must be a good thing.

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