PUBLIC MEETING – Glapthorn Recreational Area

Following the unsuccessful efforts of Glapthorn School Governors to purchase land behind the school for use as a playing field, Glapthorn Parish Councillors voted to take up the project.

The Glapthorn Neighbourhood Plan (now in its final stages), under Policy 12, supports the development of a recreational area for the use of both the community and the school. This policy had very strong community support.

Agreement with the landowner, on the price for the land behind the school, has been reached and access to the site through part of the school’s land has been agreed with the Peterborough Diocesan Education Board. The school governors are also very supportive.

A draft plan has been drawn up which proposes a facility to provide:-

1. a playing field/recreational area for various sports and activities (for use by the school, the community and clubs).
2. a children’s play area (ages 4 to 8)
3. a car park for 41 cars including a dropping off/picking-up area for use by parents at the start and end of the school day.
4. changing rooms/club house to encourage community and sports club use outside school hours.

The funding for the project will be sought from local authorities, the Lottery Fund and charity funders. Without such funding the project cannot proceed.
However, in order to be successful in approaching funding sources the Parish Council must demonstrate that the project has significant community support.

Therefore, please show your support by attending the Public Meeting in the Village Hall on Thursday 8th March at 7.45pm* where further details on the project will be presented.*the meeting will begin at 7.00pm with a presentation from the Pathfinder II team on flooding issues in Glapthorn.   

The Council intends to set up a Playing Field Association, made up of councillors and members of the community, to manage and run the project, and you are invited to express your interest in joining such a group.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but wish to express your support please click on the ‘Leave a comment’ below and make your views known. Alternatively, please write to the Parish Council c/o Crown House, Glapthorn PE8 5BJ or  30 Lytham Park, Oundle PE8 4FB or by email to

Please tell us if you are a village resident or a parent of a child at Glapthorn School – thank you.

Alan Tresadern (Clerk to the Parish Council)

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Neighbourhood Plan ‘approved’ for the next stage…

On Wednesday 13th December the Parish Council approved the draft Neighbourhood Plan, with associated documents, for submission to ENC for a further round of consultation and independent examination.

This next phase is known as Regulation 16. There is a new page is on this website (‘Regulation 16’) where copies of all relevant documents will be found, including the latest version of the Neighbourhood Plan along with appendices and maps.

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Northamptonshire Libraries and Information Service Review 2017 Consultation

To read/download full message CLICK HERE

Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) needs to find £115m savings over the next four years predominantly to meet social care costs in the county.

The NCC is examining the current Northamptonshire Library and Information Service as it operates over its current 36 static and one mobile site, to see where savings can be made.

NCC is consulting upon three options for the future of the Library and Information Service. Each section of the questionnaire gives more detail on what the options mean.

See full message for details of the three options.

In all three options, libraries with Children’s Centre designation are proposed for closure so it is important to consider the full range of services provided at the libraries when thinking about each of the proposals.

NCC want to hear your views about these options to understand the possible impact of the proposals and what would be the best way forward for the Library and Information Service in Northamptonshire.

Click the link at the top of this page for the full report and detail on how to respond to this consultation; and how you can give your feedback to these proposals.

This consultation closes at 5pm on 13th January 2018.

Footnote: Under these proposals the mobile library will go! And so might Oundle Library, or at best, it will become a community-managed service. If a library is important to you, your children, your grandchildren, please respond to this consultation. Also, consider lobbying Oundle Town Council because, if they are to help and find a solution, and create a community-managed service, they will require input from outlying communities such as Glapthorn.

The subject will also be on the agenda for the Glapthorn Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 15th November 2017. Note, PC meetings are now on a Wednesday.


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Glapthorn Street Lighting upgrade …

The Parish Council has completed the upgrade of all 13 street lamps within the village.

The new lamps, of the LED type will save the community over £700 a year in running costs. Each lamp has an estimated life of 25 years.

For more information, make a comment below. If you wish to see a data sheet showing the new lamp CLICK HERE.

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Neighbourhood Watch Alerts (NHW)

At present NHW alerts are available via to those who subscribe to receive them. If you would like to be on the distribution list please send an email to Jeff Knowles. Link below.
It is hoped that, in time, we shall  be have a direct link to the feed on this website. 
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Sign up for the Parish Council News Group

If you would like to receive the latest Parish Council News, by email, take a look at the side bar of this page and sign-up today.

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Village Newsletter

Did you know that you can submit a piece for publication in the Village Newsletter? Yes – it is not just for groups and organisations. Just contact Ursula Wide at or call her on 272594. The copy deadline for the next  issue is 1st December.

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